The Temptation to Advise

Confusing Signpost pointing to this way, that way and the other way

Recently, a client asked me to run a workshop on advice-giving in coaching. Here is what I said.

What is Happiness?

Photo of diverse team all giving thumbs up

Here is a snapshot of my talk on ‘happiness’ to Executive MBA students at Cass Business School

Building Trust

Photo of a Train in hazy sunshine

Is it possible to build trust with absolutely anyone? How far would you go to find out?

Are You Ready to Lead?

Hiker tying her shoe in the mountains, outdoor photography.

When is a leader off-duty? Are there any times when you can let go of the responsibility of leading?

What Motivates Us?

Photo of meteor streaking across dark sky

What is the difference between motivation and self-esteem and how do we nurture both?