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Tom Battye Coaching

Leadership, Team and Executive Coaching in London and Oxford

Specialising in the delivery of a broad range of executive coaching services.
Operating in the City of London and Oxfordshire.
We offer remote, online coaching.

Tom is an accredited executive coach with nearly 20 years’ coaching experience.

Tom’s executive coaching service is dedicated to helping senior leaders cope with the challenges that exist at the highest level in organisations.

Coaching senior executives combines excellent listening skills with a good understanding of business and psychology.


It is rare to find a team of business leaders who work together as a high performing team.

Coaching executive leadership teams is a powerful process and a highly specialised form of executive coaching.

Based in London and Oxfordshire, Tom combines his one-to-one coaching practice with a portfolio of experiential, team coaching events.


Tom specialises in developing coaching cultures in small, medium and large organisations.

Developing a coaching culture needs to be part of the strategy of any organisation in which people feel valued and important.

Tom has worked with private and public sector clients in London, Oxfordshire and internationally, developing coaching cultures.


Tom provides coaching supervision to independent coaches as well as internal coaching teams.

Coaching supervision focuses on ensuring the coach develops their craft, meets professional standards and remains resourceful.

Tom has 10 years’ supervision experience, with individuals and groups, face-to-face and online. He also leads the supervision think tank for EMCC.


Tom Battye Coaching Ltd is a niche consulting firm, based near Oxford, with an expertise in leadership and team development. Tom Battye is a highly experienced executive coach focusing on behaviour and mindset change. He works with individuals and teams, enabling them to overcome significant personal and organisational challenges, face-to-face and online.


Tom is a very effective coach. He is a good listener and someone you can trust. The times we spent together have left me with fresh views and alternative strategies that I will infuse into my daily approach in both business and personal life.

Gary Amos

, GM Siemens USA